Become a PiBot Pi-oneer

Introducing Pioneer Kit V2

Since Pioneer Kit V1 we've been working hard to improve both the hardware and software for this version 2.

Our new interface board is now in it's 7th iteration with features and performance going way beyond any other Raspberry Pi Robot. For example programmable wake and sleep capabilities and best-in-class power regulation to keep batteries going for longer. The software includes a new web-app interface that connects the robot to any smart-phone, tablet, or other web enabled device. The app gives both a remote control and programming interface.

Secure A Pioneer Kit (Limited time only)

We have PCB's and materials to produce a limited number of kits and we're now looking for some Pi-oneers and a small amount of funding to make it happen. To secure a limited edition kit please back our Pioneer Kit pledge on our Kickstarter Campaign via the link below: (N.B. the campaign is for the 'TiddlyBot' but you'll see a pledge of $135 and $215 for Limited Edition Pioneer Kits)

Become a PiBot Pioneer

The rest of this page explains whats in the Kit and more about the Pi-oneer program.

What's in the Kit?

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The PiBot Pioneer Kit comes with all the components needed to turn your Raspberry Pi and camera module into a fantastic working robot. Also new to V2 is some great new software to connet with tablets or phones. Click the buttons above to find out more about whats included.

The chassis is made up of flat pieces of perspex that slot together. Rubber o-rings are used to create an elegant and reversable joining mechanism.

An integrated interface to all the PiBots hardware. Based on an Arduino microcontroller. Will come preprogrammed though can be reprogrammed,

A little amplifier and and speaker gives voice and music to the lttle bot.

An independed motor and gear assembly both left and right gives Pibot the ability to turn on the spot and move freely.

A stepper motor and a servo are used for pan and tilt control of the camera module

A strip of 8 amazing multicoloured leds are supplied to brighten up the little bot. These are programmable.

The 'eyes' of the bot. Ultrasound enables PiBot to calculate the distance to obstacles in front as well as movement.

Screws, spacers, cables and a battery holder are te hremaining bits to bring it all together.

About the Pi-oneer programme

We created the Pi-oneer programme to get feedback on PiBot's work-in-progress whilst also giving people the opportunity to own a Special Edition PiBot at cost price. Our V1 batch from the beginning of the year sold out quickly and we've since improved the whole robot kit since. If you're willing to give some minimal feedback or engage with our open-source development code, than this kit is for you!


Please note this is pre-release kit and not a completely finished product. Please purchase one only if your comfortable with a Command Line Interface. Also see below for extra items you'll need to complete the PiBot if you've opted for a bare bones kit. (e.g. raspberry pi etc).

What's Not in the Kit

What next?

Once you have your pre-release kit. We'll give you access to a new part of the website to help you get started. This will include:

Any Questions?

Please contact us with any queries or questions, we'll be happy to help.