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Simple and fun to build

Building PiBot is quick & easy using some great tools that we hope you have knocking about your house - your hands, a brain (borrow one if you must) and a screwdriver.

Support the project - Adopt 1 of 100 Fledgling PiBots!

Feeling adventurous? We're looking for the first PiBot Pi-oneers to adopt a pre-release PiBot. This PiBot has been tried and tested with dozens of kids & adults, and while it's not yet singing and dancing, with your help we hope it soon will be! If you're confident with a Raspberry Pi and using a CLI (command line interface) and would like to give us some simple feedback, then a PiBot Pioneer Kit could be just for you.

Become a PiBot Pioneer

New to the Raspberry Pi and Programming?

A PiBot project goal is to develop a super-easy interface so that the PiBot can be accessed and controlled through any web browser. This will mean that you'll be able to control and program your PiBot from any smart phone, tablet or computer in a simple-to-use interface. If you feel that controlling PiBot through a Command Line Interface (CLI) is beyond your experience then fear not - we hope to release a simpler way in a few months. If you'd like to learn more about using a Raspberry Pi with a CLI or you'd like to meet a PiBot at first hand why not sign up for one of our PiBot workshops. See the workshop page for further details.